To everyone waiting for "someone to save them" or "for things to get back to normal." Two kinds of people will read this. People who will throw up more excuses because that's easier and people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready for a change! Which one will you be!

This post is NOT an attack but it will stir emotions...but it’s purpose is ❤️

I made a post a few weeks ago about The Brown Bag Bistro and their Sandwich titled COVID (so many have been inspiring me lately). They are in the location of my old studio. They did an INCREDIBLE job renovating the building. They saw a vision for it I never saw. Well, let’s talk about VISION and INNOVATION!

The Bistro is in an industry right now that is being hit hard and that’s the restaurant business. But here’s the thing in that industry there are people just giving up, some giving up because they actually were ready to give up and this was a great reason to do it. But others are giving up because of the topic I keep talking about and that’s “order takers” vs “Master Chef Creators”. “Order takers” vs “Master Chef Creators” is more a mindset than ANYTHING else. The reality is there are literal order-takers at a restaurant who had a mindset of a “Master Chef Creator” who after years ending up running the restaurant and others who will just be the “order taker” forever. There is TRULY no judgment here. If it’s working for you GREAT but for those of you right now who are really struggling because of that mindset. I just want to see you be able to THRIVE!

So the “order taker” restaurants that still wanted to be in business but just can’t see the forest through the trees and are “waiting” for business to just get back to “normal”. Or they are waiting for someone to “save them”, or waiting for the government to “save them”. If you are a person waiting around for someone to “save you” or your business. There is a high probability that no one is going to “save you” and you won’t have a business.

COVID, the government, other people are NOT the issue they are just shining a HUGE SPOTLIGHT on the issue. An issue is a person who doesn’t take any responsibility and blames everyone else. I’ve been one of these people in my life! I did NOT THRIVE with this mentality. One specific area was in my relationship with my wife. When we first dated for three years and broke up for two years before getting back together and getting married 4 years after getting back together. When we first dated we both blamed each other for everything and never took any responsibility for our own actions. I also did this in the business many times. Blaming the industry for not being able to “afford” me etc. But the reality is there were people in that SAME industry talking to the SAME people and they are getting people to pay them and pay them double or triple what they weren’t willing to pay YOU!

See right now there are people in industry’s that are getting hit HARD like restaurants and video production. Two industry’s I have MANY connections in. Some are “dying” fast and some slow. But none the less they have an “order taker” mentality and no orders are coming and no saving grace is coming for MOST.

But then there are the people in those two specific industry’s who not per se THRIVING but they WILL SURVIVE and are SURVIVING and when this is “over” will THRIVE because unfortunately a lot of businesses will go under. But there will still be people needing those services but there will be fewer people to service them so if the ones left manage properly they will THRIVE!

See but do you have enough AWARENESS to see a few things.

1. Whether or not you have the mentality of an “order taker” or a “Master Chef Creator”

2. Whether or not before this you were still a person who was able to find excuse after excuse as to why you aren’t able to succeed. i.e.. the economy, your location, your age, your industry, started too late, etc.

If you can be REALLY HONEST with yourself on this topic, this WILL CHANGE your life forever! Again don’t shame yourself, judge yourself, etc. JUST LOVE YOURSELF!

It may “feel” good to “complain. But how’s that working for you? I’ve been there an internally it SUCKS. It doesn’t really feel good for the long term. You MAY feel like “this is not your problem” to take responsibility with but that’s NOT the point. The point is when you give your power and control to everyone outside of yourself you will FEEL powerless, helpless, frustration, anger, sadness, etc.

When our JOY and HAPPINESS are dictated by the outside world is very dangerous. Because when things are “going our way” we can be HAPPY 🙂 But when things are “out of our control” like you may feel they are right now then you are anxious, worried, scared, angry, and hopeless!

This doesn’t mean you will never feel those kinds of emotions if you take back your power and take responsibility. You will feel ALL emotions but you will be able to find POSITIVE emotions can become more dominant then negative emotions.

Coming full circle to The Brown Bag Bistro. Chris who runs that restaurant felt all the emotions “good” and “bad” She was for sure scared and sat and thought “what the hell is going to happen here” But as she told me she had these emotions for a week or so and then was sitting her hot tub having a beer and looking at the sky brainstorming how she could get through this. She has the mindset of a “Master Chef Creator”. It then hit here like a stroke of lighting. THE COVID SANDWICH. The Sandwich would have 19 ingredients 😉 Just like COVID 19! IT’s NOW her BEST SELLING sandwich and she is the talk of the town and it’s starting to “go viral” all pun intended!

Here’s the thing she said ONE person unfollowed them and was VERY ANGRY about her doing this. But if she didn’t do this she would have lost THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in revenue! Heck, I’m writing a whole post about her and the COVID sandwich. In fact, in full transparency, we love the Bistro but we had not gotten anything from them for weeks following the lockdown and it was the BUZZ about the COVID Sandwich that got us to put in an order with them. We have now done so every week since and have TOLD TONS of people about it. While other restaurants we LOVE have just shut their doors….

I see the same thing in video production. I see people getting hit really hard who are sitting back and hoping and praying things get back to normal QUICK. I literally got an e-mail the other day that said “The "order taker" right now is sitting at home waiting for their orders from their clients and there aren't any coming in...So good! SO GUILTY! “

But see here is my QUESTION is it fully the industry or is it the person?

Because there are other people I know in video production who have the “Master Chef Creator” mentality. The got scared for a week or so. Didn’t know what to do and then got to “CREATING”! They went from losing ALL REVENUE and jobs to creating upwards of $15,000 worth of work within a few weeks.

If we are REALLY honest. Everything I’m talking about here is ALWAYS happening it’s just being exaggerated right NOW!!

I want to make ONE MORE POINT about these two different mentalities.

Let’s say you are a video editor and normally you just “take orders” from a person who hires you regularly. There is again no shame in not running some big business, or only wanting to be an editor/ “order taker”. But here’s the reality being “ONLY” an editor who typically “takes orders” does not actually make you an “order taker” mentality!! You can still have a “MASTER CHEF CREATOR” mentality!! You could either sit back and wait for more editing jobs and editing “orders” OR……YOU CAN GET CREATIVE and be a CREATOR! Come up with ideas for the people who typically “give you orders” Brainstorm how you could help them during this time. How could you repurpose old footage for their clients that you have editing before? Take initiative and edit a little sample idea together and present it to them.

The bottom line here is you can either sit back hope and pray everything will just go back to normal and leave your LIFE in the hands of everyone outside of YOU OR YOU CAN TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, GET CREATIVE, AND RESOURCEFUL, ETC.

Friday is here today and it will come again next week. Time will pass no matter what. So you can take this time to take a DEEP LOOK INSIDE. See what’s working and what’s not.

If everything you are doing is working GREAT! Keep doing what you're doing. BUT if you are feeling an ENORMOUS amount of pain, suffering, worry, anxiety, etc right now. The answer is INSIDE of YOU not outside!

The SHIFTS can be made. YOU CAN FEEL and EXPERIENCE JOY even through a time like this. There are people before, during, and after this dying, surviving, and thriving! I used to be “dying” then that stopped feeling good so I started surviving, and now I make a CHOICE to THRIVE as much as possible. Thriving also isn’t just money in your bank account or the success of your business. THRIVING is a FEELING! THRIVING is an EXPERIENCE! CHOOSE to THRIVE! It’s YOUR CHOICE! Don’t give that choice to others. Otherwise, you will live in misery more than now.


Rock and Roll 😀⚡️❤️

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