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The beauty of the way I work is that there is NO NEED to schedule a session. I use an extremely powerful app called Voxer to allow us to send audios back and forth at our own convenience. If you have never been coached in Voxer you are in for a treat. To get started I suggest either sending me a message on Voxer or starting with a Jumpstart which can be credited towards another Voxer Coaching Package.

Have ?'s before you sign up?
Connect with me on Voxer!
I'm HAPPY to give you a little test drive.


1 Week of

Coach in YOUR Pocket.

All new clients start here. This will help me identify your blindspots, and give me clarity and direction on how I can help design a custom package for you.

You will also get a boost of clarity, confidence, and a sense of relief!!

The ONLY thing I care about is helping YOU CREATE exactly what you want in LIFE!

Whether that's better relationships, more money, more fun, more freedom, more fulfillment, more clarity, more confidence, more courage, better focus, or to make a transition in your business, etc.


The BEST way to get started and see if working together is a right fit is to send me a message on Voxer and I will give you a little "test drive" of Coach in YOUR Pocket to see what it's like to work with me!

The "test drive" in and of itself has fully transformed people's lives.

Just KNOW this...I CARE MORE about helping YOU than selling YOU.

If you sign up now great, if you sign up later great, and if you never sign up that's great too.

Just send me a message and EXPERIENCE for yourself what THE MIND MECHANIC ;) can do for you (CHEESY YES, haha...I LOVE to have FUN)!!


Just click the button below to connect.

Rock and Roll


a Quick PS...I can not stress enough how much I dislike feeling pressured to sign up for something. SO I can assure you I will NOT do that to you. I LOVE what I do and WHO I get to do it with. I want interacting with me to be a breathe of fresh air for you! So if you have ANY questions don't hesitate to reach out. I'm truly HAPPY to help!

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