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"I love GEBBS real-world, outright, nitty-gritty honesty.  That's a hook for me.  Anybody can do the "rah-rah-sis-boom-bah" thing (I've been in sales & marketing 30 years) but your "real life" relating and empathy for us real folk is rather rare.  I genuinely appreciate Michael's relatability.  It's very motivating and helping me see things more clearly." -Phillip Leary


Just want to say how grateful I am for what you are doing with MIND TUNEUP TIME LIVE. I went into the program not really knowing what it was, and with no expectations. Just four weeks later and I can honestly say that my life has changed. Despite not being able to make all the sessions, the advice you gave on those I did attend, and to those who asked questions on the ones I had the opportunity to listen back to, literally solved the dilemma I was experiencing. I now think entirely differently. I’m going at my pace. I’m not the stressed-out guy I was four weeks ago, beating myself up for being stuck, lying awake at night trying to figure my life out. I’m now coming from a place of FUN, not FORCED. I’m excited for what the future brings, but grateful for the now. I owe you, man. Thank you!"

-Stu Turner

"If I can give you any single piece of advice, on how to become a successful independent filmmaker. It would NOT be blow money on a new camera or go to networking groups, or do work for free.  

It would be...... to work with GEBBS. It’s been beyond transformative for me and my business and I've exploded because of him. He doesn’t have a 23-point system to success, he doesn’t have a slick marketing program to turn you from making $10 a day to making 5 million an hour.  

However, What he does have is an incredible heart and a true desire to individually guide you to your own personal success - whatever that looks like for you and you only.  

All I can say is magic happens!! It sounds “woo-woo”- but magic is a good way of explaining it. It’s unlike anything you’ve been a part of and that’s probably a good thing cause there is a lot of false guarantees and bait and switch stuff out there.  

I’m NOT saying you’re going to work with him and just all of a sudden the phone is going to ring, clients are paying 3X more and the seas are going to part. Look, you’re gonna have to do the work, you’re gonna have to take action, but you won’t be alone. When you’re working with GEBBS You’ll have someone in your corner that’s going to guide, motivate, and support you through all the highs and lows of being a videographer and business owner.  

It’s personally the best decision I made for my business. If you work with him and commit, I’m sure it will be yours too."  

-Mark Wonderlin of Mosaic Media Films

Here's what Steve Hardison The Ultimate Coach (charges $150,000+ a year for coaching) has to say about me:


It's an INCREDIBLE feeling when you KNOW something has SHIFTED in someone! YOU CAN FEEL IT and SEE IT! So at the end of MIND TUNEUP TIME Sessions with someone new, I do a FUN Thumbs UP Photo to capture that special moment in someones life! I look forward to adding you to the Thumbs Up Photo Wall. Like Where's Waldo it's, Where's GEBBS LOL. I'm in there a few extra times as well...

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