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Buckle Up because this Bio will be anything but typical. This won’t be another “rags to riches” or "I've got it all figured out" story. 

I'm a constant work in progress who wants to help my clients WIN so much that I got Brain Scans to figure out a new perspective on procrastination and ADHD. My heart beats for helping those who feel stuck like square pegs in a world of round holes—the rebels, the misfits, the misunderstoods.

From "Paper Boy" to "Breakage Boy" from "Same Day Edit Guy" to the MIND Mechanic, I've had quite the journey...Everyone from mom and pop shops to over 300+ weddings, and even big names like Netflix, The Oprah Network, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Tim Ferriss—I've worked with a full gamut of clients.

I love to share the good, bad and ugly experiences from growing my video production company in high school to making millions traveling the world yet almost going bankrupt in 2016 while pursuing a coaching/speaking career. I share lessons learned from millions made, millions lost, and millions in the making to inspire people that TRULY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 

It's not all seriousness and life lessons. I try not to take life to seriously, I've got a major love for going to the movies, riding my e-bike, & ice cream, which might just rival the affection I hold for my wife and our adorable three puppies ;)

I want to help you to think a little bit differently, make you laugh, and offer a fresh perspective on the human experience to help you see that life & business is not “One Size Fits All” but rather “What Size Fits YOU”...Let’s get you unstuck so you can experience more FUN, FREEDOM, & FULFILLMENT!

"I love GEBBS real-world, outright, nitty-gritty honesty.  That's a hook for me.  Anybody can do the "rah-rah-sis-boom-bah" thing (I've been in sales & marketing 30 years) but your "real life" relating and empathy for us real folk is rather rare.  I genuinely appreciate Michael's relatability.  
It's very motivating and helping me see things more clearly." -Phillip Leary

I am passionate about people having CLARITY and I have cracked the CLARITY code for dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs and I am ready to share it with your people. My talks are filled with relatable stories of successes and failures, intermingled with plenty of humor to help inspire, motivate and engage the audience.  

I have been privileged to speak to tens of thousands of people. I'm READY to speak to YOURS!


Virtual Group Trainings + Coaching...

Let's talk WHY you need me to Speak to your People Virtually...

Let's face it keeping people engaged on a Virtual Training can be difficult for most. Well after 1+ MILLION Views/Listens over 12 years between fb lives, podcasts, youtube, interviews, and zooms I have spoken over 3,000+ HOURS Virtually. Keeping a Virtual Audience Engaged and Energized is my SUPER POWER.

Most speakers just talk at the audience the whole time. A true connection is never really made. My talks are typically split between speaking & interacting (doing coaching/Q&A). Having filmed testimonials at 100's of events through the years there was one thing that became abundantly CLEAR. 80-90% or more of the people in attendance at all events, talks, summits etc. have the same goals, dreams, aspirations, struggles, and challenges. Outside of Speaking to Groups my other LOVE is coaching people 1 on 1.

There is nothing more powerful than being able to coach someone to a breakthrough and see the relief in their face/body in a group setting. I have done this 100's of times and people LOVE it. Because the audience can see themselves in the person being coached!

Results people get after experiencing one of my sessions...

  • They Take Action.
  • They Gain Clarity and Confidence.
  • They go from Pessimistic to Optimistic.
  • They Feel ENERGIZED.
  • They Feel Relief.
  • They have a New Belief in Self.
  • They Get Unstuck.
  • They Feel Empowered.
  • They Feel Understood.
  • They have Permission to be Themselves.


5 Reasons to Have Me

Speak to Your People!  

1. Actionable:

People don't need more "information", they need clarity and clarity comes from taking action, which currently a lot of the world is afraid to take. After people hear my talks they take ACTION!

2. Relatable:

Most speakers leave people feeling misunderstood and that what they want is so out of reach because the speaker is some how "better" than them. Having lived in a small town in the midwest my entire career, After my talks people feel like I'm just one of them. "If he can do it, so CAN I!"

3. Transformational:

Most speakers are only inspirational and that can be short lived...But along with the other reasons inspiration IS VERY IMPORTANT. But my goal is not just for them to feel inspired in the moment but rather completely transform their LIFE. So they are Inspired to take action, Inspired to make the changes they have been wanting to make for years, Inspired to write the book, record the podcast, do the art, make the film, etc. Inspired to do what's in their HEART!

4. Educational:

The stories I share, the way I speak, the energy I bring to every talk has people see things from a different perspective. They learn new ways to SHIFT their MINDS to CREATE in their LIFE what they have always wanted to from a holistic approach... MIND, BODY, SPIRIT!

5. Energizing:

People are tired, depressed, worn out, confused, lost, stuck! They don't have the energy they to do what they WANT to do. If there is ONE word I have heard 10,000 times through the 's ENERGY. My Infectious ENERGY. Your people will get done listening to my talk and their Human Battery will be Recharged. They will be ENERGIZED to Action. They will be more productive than they have been in years.

Speaking Topics


In this dynamic exchange I do what I do best, activate the internal drive in ALL of your people by Recharging the HUMAN BATTERY in your people, the three main components to keep you charged and tuned up, plus various strategies to use to re-charge it yourself when you feel drained.

This presentation will work for ANYONE looking to find another gear, activate a new level of performance, or re-activate dormant passions in people who have become complacent and comfortable.

  • Powerful MIND Shifts for Uncertain Times

This moment in time has demanded the best from each of us. We have all been tested as never before. In this inspiring training, I share powerful stories from my filmmaking/coaching adventures of ordinary people who have accomplished extraordinary things. I demonstrate how everyone has the opportunity and capacity to achieve anything they want in life if they just give themselves permission. 

By learning to see themselves in a completely different way, attendees will feel empowered and equipped to bring greater confidence and enthusiasm into their daily lives. This MIND Shift in perspective ignites the soul in audiences, preparing and inviting them to bring the truest, most powerful version of themselves to every aspect of their work and life.

  • Discover YOUR Blindspots

Everyones Blindspots are Different Yet we ALL have Blindspots whether you choose to accept that or not may just be one of your Blindspots ;)

I will help you discover your Blindspots through Stories and Examples that I have seen through the years in my own life and the lives of those I've coached. Some I see over and over again and others are more rare. The goal is that you will be able to relate to certain Blindspots and start to identify your own. Once identified you will be able to make different choices and get different outcomes.

There is nothing more freeing than identifying a Blindspot that has been keeping you stuck or holding you back for years! 

Imagine the Possibilities that exist for you if you finally know what is keeping you from your dreams or the success you have been wanting.

We all have Blindspots, once you accept that you have them, you can choose to do something about it.

It’s time to check your Blindspots...

Don't See a Topic that Catches Your Eye?

Let's Brainstorm the Perfect Topic Together!

This video shows what is possible with practice and persistence...

The Everyday Hero...

The photo below was created in 2018 for an event I held locally called Dreamers, Doers, and Entrepreneurs. It attracted all walks of LIFE! The photo I shared before this photo in the presentation is the photo above with Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, etc. But my punchline with the photo below as I pointed out to the audience is that a lot of us including myself put people (entertainers, sports figures, celebrities or famous people, etc.) up on pedestals. When in reality EVERYONE in that audience, every one of YOU who reads this and EVERYONE in this photo is JUST as INCREDIBLE & VALUABLE as any one of those "celebrities"!

In my LIFE it's been the person that if I said their name you wouldn't know who they are that has had the biggest impact on my life and they are the ones who have been there for me when I needed someone the most! The "celebrities" were not there for me. I couldn't just pick up the phone for 98% of them and they would drop everything and help me. It's the people who are in our lives every day who don't get enough credit or encouragement etc. IT'S YOU the EVERYDAY HERO that is INSPIRING and transforming lives!


From 2012-2017 Monday-Friday if I was not traveling for work I was walking with my grandpa at the mall. One day I asked him two questions. What is something you regret that you did and What is something you regret that you did NOT do. He instantly had an answer for what he DID NOT do but couldn't think of anything he did that he regretted.

His regret is that he never got his novels published. He told the same story as long as I've been alive...This ONE publisher said: "If you would have written your novels 50 years ago they would have been Best Sellers!" One person can change the entire trajectory of your life. One decision can change the entire trajectory of your life!

Will you let one person make you or break you? My mission is to speak LIFE into the SOULS of all those I have the opportunity to get in front of to MAKE SURE that their DREAMS DO NOT DIE IN THEIR HEARTS, HEADS, OR HARD DRIVES.

Ready to Bring Me in for a Dose of

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