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Welcome to Jumpstart Sessions! Michael Gebben will be bringing you three weekly episodes to help inspire clarity, confidence and connection into both aspiring and established freelancers. With one on one sessions, Michael will deep dive with guests using behavioral analysis testing to help identify struggles they are having in their creative business.


3:40 Explaining one on one sessions 4:30 There is not a one size fit all solution to business and life! 5:55 Get coached on the podcast! Go here. 6:45 Explaining guest sessions 8:54 Michael’s background 11:11 The Same Day Edit and it’s importance in Michaels wedding video career 17:00 Michael’s coaching style 21:10 Success story of one of Michael’s coaching clients 23:05 What would you do if you didn’t need money? 28:57 Another coaching client story about an editor who is now working on a Netflix series 33:33 Free to fee 




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