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Tracen recently discovered videography, and is currently balancing a full time job, school, video projects and being a husband and father. He’s in the experimentation stage where he can decide what direction he wants to focus on in video – but will he need to cut something else from his workload?

In this episode, we will discuss:  

  • Getting work as you build a portfolio
  • Good free work VS bad free work  

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1:22 Tracen introduces himself and his experience in the video production world 7:30 Do you REALLY want to do weddings & the experimentation stage 11:09 A/B split testing results of video with no words (music only) vs one with testimonials 15:12 Helping clients see the value in video 22:00 Value ladder 23:35 Utilizing events to get footage of potential clients 29:30 Giveaway on social media concept 40:05 Same day edits 45:30 Advice for someone who wants to edit but doesn’t have a portfolio for editing 48:09 Free to Fee 49:07 Market saturation 50:17 Good vs Bad free work




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