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Ben wants to make an impact in the world, and sees video production as a stepping stone to that dream. Right now his experience is specific to one industry, and he’s unclear on his next moves. I dig around with Ben to get clear on what his underlying passion is, and remind him to rely on his current network and expertise.

In this episode, we will discuss:  

  • Lean into your the network you already have
  • Leveraging your knowledge of an industry to land and serve clients  

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1:26 Ben introduces himself and his current experience with video production 6:58 Ben discusses how he was able to start his studio and leave his job 13:20 Ben asks how much investment he needs for startup 19:27 Going after specific work that you want to do to portfolio / case study build instead of cold-emailing/calling 25:05 Ben discusses one of his dreams about community building 38:01 MIA and Clarity 49:47 Leveraging your knowledge of an industry to land and serve a client 1:05:10 Recharging and having time off from doing what you love is important




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