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John is a one man band who wants to offer everything to his clients – from social media content videos to drone footage. But what is John’s TRUE passion? He comes into this one on one session thinking he needs to do everything from editing to selling, but we really dig deep to discover what John can outsource and where he can lean into his super power.  

In this episode, we will discuss:  

  • Delivering value to a niche  
  • Discovering and leaning into strengths
  • Hiring a support team  

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:16 John introduces himself and describes his current situation with his media production company. 6:46 John goes over what his current struggles are. 11:20 Different reasons for procrastinating 19:00 Different kinds of retainer strategies 24:34 The nuances of pricing 31:53 Understanding your client’s language to help deliver more value 38:44 John discusses his biggest struggle 43:07 John discovers he doesn’t actually like editing 10 out of 10 54:59 John decides he is hiring an editor




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