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Curtis has a strong video background and started YouTube when he was 13. His biggest struggles right now in booking more consistent higher paying clients lies in the confidence to own and leverage his expertise. Gebbs walks Curtis through a scenario where he doesn’t have to edit and falls into more of a leadership role.  

In this episode, we will discuss:  

  • Leveraging your expertise  
  • Pricing project vs day rates
  • Outsourcing what you’re not passionate about  

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:22 Curtis introduces himself and his professional experience 4:33 Curtis explains his biggest struggles right now in regards to charging more in his video business 9:22 Building relationships that lead to referrals 12:01 Pricing and deliverables in Curtis’s video packages 14:57 The Subway Model 15:49 Curtis describes his selling process 20:35 Leveraging your expertise 25:23 Project pricing VS day rates 31:42 Retainers 38:23 Magic wand and hiring editors 43:33 Michael discusses Curtis’s Clarity Assessment results and what that means for his business 50:41 If you didn’t need any money, how would you spend your time? 54:30 Turning passion projects into opportunities




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