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Tristan is a story teller at heart and has done a variety of video work, from weddings to hockey to real estate. He currently works full time on a farm during part of the year, which supports him well financially but does not allow for much time to take on video clients. He wants to build his business the quickest and best way with the time he has. By the end of this one on one session, Tristan has changed his 5 year plan to a 3 year one.  

In this episode, we will discuss:  

  • Knowing what you offer and how to pitch it  
  • Putting the right work in your portfolio  
  • Managing client expectations  
  • Tracking opportunity cost  

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:32 Tristan introduces himself and explains where he is at with his video production company. 5:16 Michael explains Tristan’s DISC results and what they mean for his business. 13:23 Michael explores the idea of having team members to help with different aspects of business, such as editing. 17:56 Hobby vs Professional and how to reflect that in your branding 27:00 Packages vs a la carte 35:08 Michael asks Tristan to describe is selling process 43:28 Knowing a client’s budget when pricing 50:09 Managing expectations 1:23:00 Tracking opportunity cost




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