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Paul has been working as a film photographer for years but has been lacking passion. He recently conquered his fear of video, got a DSLR and dove right in. Now he is questioning his path and what he can do for clients to give the most value. Michael digs deep as they discover where Paul needs to put his focus – and it’s not necessarily shooting and editing video.  

In this one on one session, Gebbs will cover:  

  • Transitioning from photography to video  
  • Burnout  
  • Necessity VS desire  
  • Imposter syndrome  
  • Trusting your intuition  

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1:20 Paul introduces himself and his experience in the creative industry 6:48 Michael asks Paul if he loves shooting/technical or the strategy/marketing/business side of video production more 9:01 Michael asks the Magic Wand question 12:27 Paul talks about his desire to build something that can scale up 19:12 Leaning into your strengths and recognizing your weaknesses 23:00 Paul describes a recent client he acquired for marketing videos 36:36 Scarcity mindset 41:40 Gebbs describes a management/producer role scenario and Paul says that is his dream role he is searching for 47:35 Paul explains fears he has moving forward 1:01:02 Trash to treasure 1:05:05 Self fulfilling prophecies and letting go of the past 1:08:50 Seeing value in yourself 1:15:50 Does a director/producer need to have the skills in each area they oversee?




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