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Ashley is on an open road right now, and looking for some clarity. She knows she enjoys video production, video editing, marketing and social media. She has been told by others that there is no money in the local market for video production outside of weddings, but she isn’t sure if weddings interest her. I talk Ashley through some of the roadblocks and thoughts she has had to see if she is on the right path.  

In this one on one session, I will cover:  

  • Pricing video projects  
  • Freelance VS employment  
  • Uncertainty in your craft  
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1:13 Ashley introduces herself and her experience within the video world 5:10 Pricing reflecting experience 6:55 Fear of selling, and shifting from selling to serving 8:18 Michael asks Ashley what her ‘magic wand’ goal would be with video 14:14 Michael discusses Ashley’s DISC graph and how it affects her business 22:22 Dealing with others who don’t take creative roles as serious income generators or career paths 32:16 One trick pony VS diversifying to build your value 35:40 The Subway Model VS clear value 59:58 Getting advice from others who do not resonate




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