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How to Download Voxer & Send Me a Message!

You Ready to ROCK?!?!

Follow the steps below to send me a message. It will explain how Voxer & Coach in YOUR Pocket works!  

To download VOXER (Follow the 5 Steps Below) After you download, send me a message saying Ready to Rock and Roll & how you found me ie. samcart, podcast, FTF, a friend, etc.

After that I'll take it from there ⚡

(YOU MUST DO STEP 5 or we CAN NOT get started!!)

How to add me on VOXER 

Step 1. SAVE this page. So you can refer back to it AFTER you download the app, so you can follow STEP 5!

Step 2. Download the VOXER app for Apple or Android.  

CLICK HERE to Download on Apple. CLICK HERE to Download on Android.

Step 3. Create your account (you can register with Facebook).

Step 4. Once you have downloaded the app you will need to send me a message FIRST to get started otherwise I won't know you signed up. To find me on the app click on the three white lines on the top left, then click on “Contacts” from the menu that shows up just type in the search box mgebbe564 (no spaces, picture below) until my profile shows up with a Smiling Thumbs Up Photo with yellow background. From there, just click on “Add to Contacts”

Step 5. VERY IMPORTANT, Don't skip this step!! 

Once you’ve clicked the “Add to Contacts” link, you will want to then click "Open Chat" & it will take you to the chat. YOU MUST make sure to send me a quick message saying Ready to Rock & Roll & how you found me ie. samcart, podcast, FTF, a friend, etc.! This will ensure you reached the right account and it's the ONLY way for me to know you have signed up. I will reply back within 24-48 hours to this message to let you know I’ve seen it.  

If I do not respond within 24-48 hours, e-mail me ( because it’s likely that you’ve added the wrong account.  

Super excited to connect!

Rock and Roll ⚡️ ❤️ 🔧